Ras Kimono Returns With 'Blessed Africa'

Legendary rub-a-dub-master, Ras Kimono is out with a new single titled; “Blessed Africa.”  The single has been released digitally by his former record label, Premier Records Limited.

The song is a reflection of what Nigeria and Africa as a whole is going through despite the rich mineral, human and natural resources in the land. 

In a chat with samurahh.com, Kimono said: “We are in a situation where Africans are poor though we have plenty in terms of good soil for bounty food harvest, we have crude oil that has become a curse to the nation, we have intellectuals that would prefer to take their intellect elsewhere other than Nigeria, we have musical talents that are being exploited and left in penury, our pensioners cannot eat the fruit of their labour, our schools are in horrible conditions, we have half-baked graduates who cannot complete a statement, what is really wrong with a continent that is really Blessed by God?.”

The reggae legend was asked why he still maintains his rub-a-dub style of music in this age where every artiste seems to play commercial music. He responded thus; “Reggae music is a conscious music through which message of hope is always passed across to the hopeless. It is a genre of music that brings people back to reality and self-consciousness. 

“We all cannot sing about naked women and alcohol when things are not right in the society; we are the voice of the people. Besides, after 35 years in the music industry, why would I change to commercial music when it was conscious music that brought me fame and fortune? Make no mistake, there are people who still appreciate and crave for my style of reggae. The world loves reggae. I am open to other styles as long as they blend with my philosophy and can send the right message out. I intend to work with some of the younger artistes who can hold their own.”

The single is currently enjoying airplay on radio stations across the nation. It is also on digital platforms like music+andBoomplay.

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