NETCOM Africa Expands Its Unified Communications Solutions Portfolio

There is an increasing requirement for businesses and enterprise  to leverage on the deployment of information and communication technology (ICT) to scale and deliver solutions across.
With many ICT solutions in the market, businesses have had a hard time choosing the appropriate ICT solution to deploy; this situation has made a lot of businesses to lose funds deploying the wrong technology. With Netcom Africa’s Unified Communication Solutions such as Cloud Public Branch Exchange (PBX) and Contact Center Solutions this challenge would be a thing of the past.

NETCOM Africa brings Cloud PBX and Contact Center Solution into business applications and processes which is geared towards creating a competitive advantage   for businesses by increasing the responsiveness of the enterprise and removing latency from business processes.

As hardware become obsolete and unreliable,with  growing demand for businesses to be in touch, either within the staff or with the outside world (clients and prospects) this unending need for communication with scalability has informed NETCOM Africa on the need to deploy communication solutions that would help businesses communicate seamlessly and in a cost effective manner. 

Partnering with Avaya, the world renowned brand in communications solutions, gone are the days businesses Nigeria deploy hardware like PBX system to communicate. With the Unified Communication solutions, NETCOM Africa takes businesses communication to cloud, making it cost effective and efficient for business and enterprise. 

NETCOM Africa’s Cloud PBX solution eliminates the inefficiencies in communications that small, midsize, or enterprise (SME) businesses make also boosting productivity and response time.In today’s advanced technology ecosystemand theexplosion of everyday technologies such as audio conferencing, web conferencing and others has added to the operational expenditures of many businesses, the need to go for different OEMs has been eliminated, with NETCOM Africa's PBX Solution all these are integrated such as voice, video, and data, enabling users to communicate and enjoy collaboration in real time. 

Netcom Africa’s “Cloud PBX” solution makes communication easier and seamless for all types of businesses. There is a high amount of cost saving   when the cloud PBX system is deployed, making it cost effective for businesses, as they eliminate the need to pay up-front for heavy and expensive installations. Netcom Africa’s cloud PBX service makes it easier for businesses with off-site workforces and remote employees with the ability to communicate with all co-workers and customers.

As Avaya Authorized Partner, NETCOM Africa brings global best practice to bear with top notch customer experience management software and solutions.NETCOM Africa’s customer experience managementenables businesses to stay ahead of customer expectations with simple, intelligent solutions that are proactive,time reducing and automated. 

With NETCOM Africa’s omnichannel contact Center Solution, businesses would have no need of investment in infrastructure. Netcom Africa’s contact center solution can be scaled up to any company’s need as they arise without any tremendous cost to the business.With features such as single Interface for managing all Customer InteractionsSupport Customers' Channel Preferences, Providing  a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels and Upgrading  Customer Experiences Without Upending Your Infrastructure.

Netcom Africa has over the years developed competency in the area of IT consultancy.  In line with Netcom Africa’s policy on support and consultancy, “we also try as much as possible to engage organizations and ensure that they lead their market space by being abreast of the rapid changes in IT innovations. This is one of our strengths.   

Through a team of our experts and in line with global best practices, we deliver transformational IT solutions. With a 24/7 dedicated support team, we can be said to be one of the best in the country”, CEO of Netcom Africa, Sean Hsu.

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