Desist From Occultism –Prophet Ugochukwu Warns Pastors

General Overseer, Jesus Ressurection Prayer Ministry, Prophet Favour Ugochukwu has decried the perilous state of Nigerian Churches saying that founders and general overseers of most churches in Nigeria are engaged in deep occultism.

Speaking at the headquarters of his ministry, he said “God showed me Nigerian churches. He showed me 90 per cent of Nigerian churches are full of evil. Pastors go to the shrines to bring deities which they use for miracles, this is one of the major reasons why God told me to leave Benin Republic and come back to Nigeria.” 

He said that a lot of pastors in Nigeria visit native doctors for powers and other things to complement their ministries. He said that God is not happy with all these evil that is happening in his vineyard.
“Churches in Nigeria are meant to be a place of refuge to help you solve issues genuinely with the power of God, but these days, they aggravate your spiritual predicaments.”

Ugochukwu who is fondly called ‘Ike ka Ike” by his followers is heavily anointed, the place he moved his church away from in Festac town in 2012 is still not occupied by anybody because he told the landlord that for the fact that he has decided to humiliate and be an enemy to God, no human being will occupy the place and till date, no one is there.
He also stopped rain for a year and six months in Benin Republic from where he moved to Nigeria.

Those who know him well will not also forget how he prayed and fire came down from heaven in Festac town, a Juxtaposition of what Elijah did in the bible, about five thousand people gathered to see this epochal scene.

In conclusion, the prophet whose church is located at  Hope Estate, Ago Palace Way, Lagos lamented the absence of salvation messages in our churches today, he attributed it to the Late Archbishop Idahosa who he claimed replaced salvation messages with that of prosperity; men of God have suddenly become covetous, making merchandise of the gospel. He implored Christians to be very careful of churches they visit as many of them are used by the devil.

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  1. May the good lord protect my great prophet favour ugochukwu, from the eyes of the wicked once.....his a great man of God. God is using him nightly to save peoples souls.


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