Ned Nwoko: Billionaire Working For The People

When asked in a recent interview by the Sun Newspaper on how people should live, his response was thus; “People should show love to their fellow human beings. There is no need for rancour. We should preserve life and think of posterity in whatever we do. He who has should give to those who have nothing. We should use whatever we have to help people without expecting something in return. There are people looking for money to pay school fees, give a helping hand. There are people facing one challenge or the other, give them encouragement. Help the needy and do not oppress the weak and the poor. People should be their brothers’ keepers.”

Those were the words of Senator-Elect for Delta North Federal Constituency, Prince Chinedu Munir Nwoko.

Those words were the sum total of Nwoko’s life. He lives for the people. Everything about Nwoko affectionately called ‘Ned’ revolves around people. In his capacity as a Lawyer, Politician, Prince, Muslim, Businessman and Citizen, the 9th national assembly is sure going to get myriads of bills on pro-people from Nwoko.

From all standard, Nwoko who is a billionaire has been in his world positively affecting the lives of the people of his immediate environment, communities and the country at large. 

A detribalized Nigerian, Nwoko who has empowered countless number of indigent persons is not making any arrangement to slow down when he gets into the red chamber. In fact, he has already prepared his file for the arduous task before him. He is only going to Abuja to begin implementation of his vision to his people.

Though, a gentleman, he is a dogged fighter. He proved this part of himself when he went to court to reclaim his mandate as every indication proved that he won by a landslide.

Aside politics, the prince from Idumuje –Ugboko in Aniocha North Local Government Area is a simple man of class, panache. Unlike some of his fellow billionaires who are interested only in themselves and family, Nwoko has been spreading his wealth positively affecting many. He has a world class tourist resort centre in his massive home. 

The centre that can be classified with some of the best in the world is daily thronged by people from within and outside the country. To him, the resort which boasts of over 300 staff is a way of empowering people. He believes that tourism is a money spinning business that can generate as much as the nation’s annual budget. The tourism centre worth over N10b have many artifacts, a zoo with different species of animals like Ostriches, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Rabbits, Horses, Sea Eagles, Crannies, Geese, Quail birds, Porcupines etc. It also extends to a fish pond with over 50,000 catfishes and with over 5000, chickens.

There is also an orchard full of fruits like guava, pawpaw, mango, cashew, lemon, palm trees, apple, lemon among many others.
Within the resort are sports facilities such as an Olympic size swimming pool, table and lawn tennis, golf course and other games.

From information gathered, he has made arrangement for the importation of more rare animals even as he is almost done with the building of his Sports University-first of its kind in the country.
In the area of education, Nwoku a beneficiary of quality education himself has the Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation with the sole aim of bringing down poverty to a reasonable level.
With over 1,000 students which the foundation is sponsoring, the foundation has assisted well over 10,000 students worldwide. He has earmarked the sum of a whooping N50b for scholarships.

There is also the aspect of technical development of artisans of all trades as it is focusing in catching children young in terms of training. Market women are not left out as well as others in the informal sector.
There are other silent philanthropy gestures that are not known.

Nwoko lives in a mansion with all the goodies of life. He is a man of style and taste which is evident in the architectural masterpiece of his castle. As a practicing Muslim, he is married to beautiful women of which is sensational actress, Regina Daniels.

Unlike some of his political colleagues without a second address, Prince Nwoko is an accomplished Lawyer who got his first degree in Law and History from the University of Keele in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, followed by King's College London where he graduated with a Masters in Law.
He is a Senior Consultant with Ned Nwoko Solicitors, a London-based law firm engaged in management and verification of foreign debts of third world countries, including their component states. He also served on the Vision 2010 Committee and is a member of the capital market. He served as Chairman of the External Committee of Vision 2010. Nwoko is also the Chairman of Project Tourism Nigeria, a Nigerian government initiative aimed at advancing the country's struggling entertainment and tourism industry.

Nwoko was a member, House Of Representatives between 1999 and 2003.
He is a recipient of many awards of which is an honorary doctorate by the Federal University of Petroleum, Delta State based on his pedigree of philanthropy, service and integrity and another honorary doctorate from the Commonwealth University College in Belize.

It is evidently clear that Nwoko who has been sustaining himself, his family and community without being a government contractor or public office holder would do much more when he resumes few days from now at the red chamber.

His words again: “I am using my God-given wealth to bless them. I give to people without expecting anything in returns. It is not because of politics. A genuine philanthropist should give without expecting some- thing in return. My joy in life is bringing hope to the hopeless.”

With the above statement, his constituency and the country at large should expect nothing less than hope from Nwoko who has severally given hope to the hopeless.

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